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hitmen undercover: where we keep our secrets

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round 4: drabble game
tsuna ♔ keep the flame alive.
umarekawareru wrote in hitman_hangout
Hi all!

To get our writing engines running, I bring you: the khr_undercover Drabble Game! The rules are as follows:

1) Leave a comment to this entry (anonymously or otherwise) with a prompt for a drabble. This prompt could be a word, an image, a quote or a scenario you'd like to see. You may also include the name of a character or characters you'd like to see featured in the drabble. (Example: "Mukuro, 'dying is an art'.)

2) You may request as many drabbles as you'd like, but please answer other people's requests as well. This is a writing exercise, after all, and it loses its point if many people request but no-one writes fills.

3) The word count must in all cases be 100. Half the challenge of a drabble game is adjusting one's story to fit the required wordcount. You may however submit several separate fills for the same prompt.

4) I would like to point out that this is not the kink meme, so let's not get carried away with the smut requests. Smut fics have always been a minority in the challenge, so I would like to maintain that ratio here.

5) Anyone, whether they're participating in the exchange or not, is welcome to play.

6) Have fun!

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Shitt P/Gokudera - show me your teeth

Mukuro/Chrome: "a season in hell"

The crumbling old building in Kokuyo Land is full of books. They pile up to the ceiling like pillars of paper & ink. Chrome is afraid to touch them. If she did, the ceiling may come crashing down on their heads.

"Don't touch them," Chikusa says when he catches her looking. "They belong to Mukuro-sama."

One has been set aside. Its pages are yellowing & dog-eared. Chrome opens it and sees, Le malheur a été mon dieu. She tries to read this out for Mukuro-sama, but the sounds are foreign & unpronounceable.

She goes to sleep & dreams of silence.

Probably not what you were looking for, but...

“Run away! Run away! Run away! Run-run-run-run-run-run away! Run away! Run away! Run away, run, run away! Ruuuuun a-waaaaay! Run away! Run away! It seems like a helpful solution! Run away! Run away! To avoid this French revolution!”

Enma and Tsuna shared a look , still trying to catch their breath after their latest sprint from bullies.

“I hate this song,” Tsuna panted. Enma nodded.

“Me too.”

“Hey, there they are!”

The two boys shared another look, this one wide-eyed, as the bullies found them again.

“Run away?” Enma confirmed.

“Run away,” Tsuna agreed.

“Run away run away run awaaaaaaaaay!”

Still cute and funny though x3

Gokudera/anyone - romance is unscientific

Epinephrine caused his heart to beat wildly, his breaths to race, his body to sweat. Natural endorphins filled his brain and caused him to think that the kisses he gave and received were pleasurable sensations.

Nerve endings in his skin made him feel every single touch. His nose savored the perfume dabbed over her neck. His retinas showed images of her brown hair and lovely face to his optic nerve, sending it to his occipital lobe....

His ears made him hear a gentle voice whispering into it.

"Gokudera-san, stop thinking."

He laughed, relaxed on the bed, and let go.

Niiice, exactly what I wanted :D

Ryohei and Yamamoto; sports bros

If there's one thing Sasagawa-sempai can do better than anyone he knows - aside from boxing and general extreme things - it's dressing wounds. The crisp clean white bandages snake around Yamamoto's knuckles and fingers without impeding his movements nor his grisp on his his bat.
"Nothing like experience," Sempai boasts. "Extreme training is best for everything!"
Yamamoto agrees as he dodges a right hook, laughing, and swings his bat into a sword which Sasagawa easily leaps over, kangaroo-like.
"Dumb jocks," doctor Shamal will groan later, "you're allies, stop beating each other into bloody pulps," but they're having way too much fun.

This is such a truly bro drabble I think my testosterone levels increased. The playfighting is adorable! And ha, so is Shamal's complaining.

Varia shenanigans (not necessarily all-members inclusive) - on a boat like a boss

When Squalo had intimidated the crewmen of that fishing boat into letting him hitch a ride to Japan all those years ago, he'd thought it would be a one-time thing. He had never imagined having to repeat the experience, much less with the idiot brigade in tow.

"Fuck that discretion bullshit." That shitty boss was bitching – again. "If this is all the transport we're getting, this job can go fuck itself."

Squalo took a deep breath ("So romantic! Like-a-love-boat~!" crooned Lussuria in the background) and thought of all the ways he could kill them once they were on firm land.

oh god Lussuria
Squalo is perfect too. ♥♥♥

Kusakabe Tetsuya & Romario, talking about their bosses' eccentricities over drinks :D

Two Morettis.

"The last box turned out to be a camel."

Silence. Then: "What's the ability?"

"Predictably, it spits," Kusakabe reveals. Romario chuckles into a cocktail napkin, wiping the beer off his upper lip.

Two Cinzanos.

"He regularly brings mayo-Nutella sandwiches for lunch."

Romario blinks. "Huh. What a coincidence."

Two Bellinis.

"Reminds me a little of the time Boss fed his horse beer. It turned this color."

"Why'd he do that?" Kusakabe gives him a perplexed glance.

"Drank too many himself and nobody was near him at the time."

Simultaneous grins. "Yours too, huh?"

"Three beers puts Boss under the table."


"They're well-suited for each other, then."

Ahahahahaha a camel box-weapon that spits! Amazing! I can just picture it in my head. It would just stand there looking bored and spit at passing enemies as an afterthought. I LOVE IT.

Also, the thought of Kusakabe and Romario divulging secrets to each other (such as the limit of their respective bosses' endurance) amuses me greatly. Thank you!

Bianchi - bang, bang, he shot me down.

She felt it.
Every sound.
It echoed through the night like church bells denoting an oncoming funeral.
A stray tear dare falls.
The pain was almost unbearable.
The mix into a lethal dose of hate.
"Romeo." the word colder than icy tundras of the Antarctic.
"Sorry, dear. It was fun but you know how it is. I guys gotta eat. And the guy paid a nice sum for your death."
She said nothing.
"Aw~ don't be like that." he pouted as he neared her, he was always foolish and too damn air-headed for his own good.
The next day she was lying on a pristine white hospital bed with rumors of a certain man's death circled the underworld.
The Poisoned Scorpion.
The name fits her well.

-fierysuzaku ^-^

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